Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Interview with The talented Model: Sherry Stang Girl.

*Thank you! It was great working with you as well! did you get started in modeling-

A lot of people ask me how I first got involved with modeling and I tell them it was actually by accident. I first started modeling back in 2008. I was asked to enter a modeling contest for T1 motorsport. At the time I felt very intimidated by my competition but I decided to enter anyway. I actually ended up winning! I have been modeling ever since. I never would have discovered my interest and talent in modeling if it wasn’t for that contest. 

2.Did you have a lot of support- 

You know, a lot of people tend to judge models and it’s sad. Modeling is something that does take a lot of time, talent, and dedication. Some of my family members and friends are not very supportive of my modeling. But I have come to realize the people that do support me are most important. 

3.what are some down falls that you see in the industry and how long have you been apart of the indsutry? 

Since entering the modeling industry back in 2008 I have seen many positive and negative sides. I can honestly say the good have outnumbered the bad. One of the bad sides is that there are some photographers out there you can’t trust. It’s a good idea to check references and really look into people you plan on working with. 
Another issue is that a lot of people want to enter into the modeling industry just to get “good photos” and to say they are “a model.” I think they don’t understand that in order to go far in this industry it really takes work. I can’t express how important it is to do your homework. 

4.Is it Hard to be a Plus Size model? and are there changes been made in the industry?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard to be a plus size model. I have noticed lately it’s becoming a lot easier. Also, there are many different types of modeling so really there is pretty much a place for everyone if you have the drive to work hard and make a good name for yourself. 

5.what would you tell a girl interested in modeling but have some self-confident issue. 

I would say that everyone has something they are not confident about. I believe that being a living human being means doing what really makes you happy. Everyone has a certain amount of time on this earth and you have to do the best you can to work toward your dreams. 
You have to try your best to get over self-confidence issues and just get out there. Schedule a photo shoot and I guarantee you will be happy and you will see how beautiful you really are! 

6.Beauty is beautiful in all shapes, sizes and colors. You help people to see that I think you are an inspiration and I believe that you may help a young girl who want to model but thinks they can't. 

Thank you! I hope that people can see that you don’t need to be a size 0 to be a model. You can work out, eat healthy and stay at a body weight that is right for you. I just want people to realize there are many different types of modeling out there and you don’t have to feel the need to go to drastic and unhealthy measures to be “stick thin.” 

7.Share with us anything you would like.

Thank you for this interview! I also want to say that it’s so important to follow your dreams. Some people may try to discourage you but don’t let them! If I would have let people stop me from following my dreams I would never be where I am today. Get out there and do what makes you happy! 

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